-Hi mister soara
My friend David Gavarret from DG Motorsports talk me about you and your work
I follow your work on Facebook and see you have some skills for welding things ^^
So i am in the need of a exaust manifold for #sr20det
Top mount
T3 flange for turbo
And 38mm flange for wastegate
Single scroll
Can you give me an idea for how many time for the production and delivery to France, you look to be busy these present days.
-Hello Mr. Laurent Nedellec
Yes, I have a few skills in welding. 🙂
Typically, fabrication takes 5-7 days. But now the season, so I’ll ask you about 10-12 days. Delivery to France 5-7 days.


Exaust Manifold for sr20det single scroll

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