Toyota Trueno AE85 2jzgte swap .

Toyota Trueno AE85 2jzgte swap .  Welcome to the wonderful world of SoaraPerformance, where everything that can be tuned, welded or crafted, is possible.
Manifolds, headers, exhausts? Pah. Look at what we do in our meantime, just to stay shipshape.

Our HachiGo AE85 in double trouble treatment from a few years back- Whipple 175 supercharger plus Garret GT45 turbocharge working in succession, creating a thrust that is both fearsome and relentless, from idle to redline. It may be not as fast as the top-line dragster’s, but it was never meant to either. As Soaraperformance’s technological achievement, it’s done its job of engineering cock-measurement very well 🙂

Just the enginesound alone was worth it! Check how she screams in the link below. We also happy to say we’re not done with medication yet, so expect an even madder project from Soara.

Toyota Trueno AE85 2jzgte swap .
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