Lancia Delta Integrale 16V header.

Lancia Delta Integrale 16V header. Lampredi bialbero is a time-proven masterpiece of an engine, but in Lancia Delta Integrales, with their complicated 4WD system and small body, it makes something of engineer’s nightmare to fabricate an exhaust manifold that can better the stock one, without any kind of dramatic changes in under-the-bonnet arrangement. Well, we did it with this one – our particular pride and joy when it comes to four-bangers.

Made of 304-grade 2mm thick stainless steel, this beauty features equal-length runners carefully packed to fit into manufacturer-given tight space. As usual, we been through a lot of R&D before presenting this final design, minimizing back-pressure and optimizing flow, so that a much larger than stock turbo can be fitted. Rated at 700+hp, this manifold will allow you to keep stock internals of your car while improving the expected performance figures by 10-15% without any changes to engine management, while increasing its lifespan due to easier breathing.

These exhaust headers are made specifically for 16V version Integrale, but can fit many more cars due to its compact size. 8V headers are also available. Call for more details.


2mm thick stainless steel
Made for 16V HF Integrale (other cars possible – call)
Standard fit
Equal-runner setup with optimized flow
Expected 10-15% gains on stock setup
Better throttle response
Designed in-house by SoaraPerformance
Designed for stock fitment. Call for non-standard applications
Integrated exhaust gases spreader

Lancia Delta Integrale 16V header.

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    I’ve just found your Lancia integrale 16V manifold on the internet.

    How much would a manifold cost? And shipped to the UK?


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