Pipework for engine performance.

Pipework for engine performance.Scooby’s health’s before and after: you can tell from the picture which is a factory setup, and which has been made properly, with throttle positioned correctly. We keep telling you that OEM isn’t just a bad option – it does severely harm your engine performance. Not everyone though is wealthy enough to go equal length, but we aim to please any of our customers, so what we did is that we took the stock intake manifold and re-welded it so the throttle body is now facing forwards and intake pipes are much, much shorter.

Subaru Impreza WRX front intercooler assembly for today, chaps. Just showcasing how tidy was that done. All the mounts and the piping (as short as possible) are also custom-made by us.
SoaraPerformance can also re-weld you old cooler, increasing its effectiveness by adding some shiny new metal to it 🙂
Our main contribution to the world of tuned metal, though, is still manifold-s, both intake and exhaust.

We’ve been up to some pipework for a new setup of this SR20 engined beastie recently; the drifting weapon of choice for our great friend Vlad III the Impaler (kidding) Vlad Barbash One of his main aims is that the Silvia should look very tidy, and it shows. The attention to details is immense, so we did our part just as well. The #manifolds, though, didn’t needed any attention at all, because we made them perfect before already. That’s Soara Performance’s way of doing things. Hope you’ll join the club with one of our products soon.
PS Note the motorsport-spec bonnet support 🙂

Some recent pipework for this handsome matt-white Toyota Supra. Behold the magnificence 🙂

Pipework for engine performance.
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